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Discover 5 helpful articles for your SEO work & web development

April 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Google Buzz is a good way to share the interesting stuff we read online…  but still I would like to share with everyone (mostly with people who don’t follow me on Buzz) some helpful articles that I’ve read today:

Helpful articles on SEO

SEO your PDF’s – On the subject of PDF files stored on your website – here are some very useful SEO tips & tricks that will help you make the best of your site optimization.

Blogging SEO Tips – URLs on Word Press – discover few tricks that will help you sharpen your blog’s URLs

News on mobile device & development

Apple strikes again! New mobile device hits the market – find out how many IPads were sold

Migration to mobile development is imminent – a guide to mobile development

Find the way to mobile development – XHTML Mobile Profile / XHTML MP Tutorial

Hopefully I gave you some useful tips in your online marketing & mobile development quests 🙂

N.B. Please consider that all the articles above were available online today. I take no future responsibility for the content removal of the destination sites (content  present in the anchor texts above).