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New WordPress feature : the “Like” button

June 4, 2010 1 comment

As I visit my blog 10-15 times a day, I can say that there aren’t any changes that pass me by….

The last 2-3 days , I noticed a new feature in WordPress ( I bet you all did) … the “Like” button a.k.a. “Thumbs Up” in other social environments … first thought:

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My vision on Web 3.0 – Artificial Intelligence

June 1, 2010 3 comments

Lately I have been reading lots of articles on web 3.0 concepts and visions of various online marketers.

The words “Semantic Web” and “Sentiment” are on everyone’s lips when it comes to envisioning web 3.0 new technology. One of the most fascinating articles on the web 3.0 features is on;  this article got me thinking to one particular thing: Expert Systems.

Expert systems are artificial intelligence applications which operate with knowledge base in order to provide solutions to a particular problem by clarifying uncertainties for users and giving multiple answers to the best course of action in a given field.

Expert systems operate with user queries, much like search engines – the difference is in the type of base : data vs. knowledge. The expert systems, as I defined them above, are a little part of the future web 3.0 as I envision it; this “semantic web” will probably operate with a knowledge base in order to provide answers to user queries.

The “sentiment” component is also a big part of the future web 3.0 because the knowledge base has to be filtered somehow. The way I see things, the sentiment is in fact the number of positive reviews of a product or service versus the number of negative reviews of that product or service.

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Top 5 SMO Articles in the past few days

May 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Social Media Today & Mashable are some of my usual social media resources … two days ago I stumbled upon some of the most interesting articles I have  ever read about SMO…I would like to share some of them with people interested in Social Media Development, News, Myths & Facts about Social Media Marketing:

11 Myths about Social Media Marketing>> by Tom Pick

Web 3.0 will impact Social Media & PR>> by Matthew Gain

Twitter search gets a little more powerful>> by Rob Cottingham

Web 3.0, Social Media and the paradox of choice>> by Paul Sutton

90+ Essential Social Media Resources>> by Matt Silverman

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