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WordPress “Like” Button within each post & 55 bugs fixed

August 4, 2010 2 comments

WordPress 3.0.1. brings a new social media feature within each wp post: the “Like” button.

What this little button does is adding the Gravatar profiles of people who liked your post.

Just a while ago, WordPress 3.0 brought us the Like feature on the admin bar but this new improvement is what I hoped for… or not exactly…

My question now is: Why don’t we have a FaceBook Like Button?

This new version of wp platform also fixes 55 bugs from the WP 3.0 release 🙂

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

April 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday, I got a Buzz on Webmonkey’s article: Dreamweaver CS5 First Look: More WordPressy, More Firebuggy

I can’t wait to test the new promised enhancements; I think Dreamweaver CS5 will be very helpful as I am a newbie in PHP and I had some “painful” experiences with Dreamweaver CS4.

Working with CS4 was difficult because I couldn’t debug or test the PHP code- it’s difficult to learn without having a good debugger! Although I was advised to cross sides and use a more advanced PHP IDE, like Aptana, I stayed with Dreamweaver and now it looks like it’s going to pay off, thanks to the new “Firebuggy” features.

I am also thankful for the “WordPressy” web tools in Dreamweaver CS5. The new IDE will make my life a lot easier and will most certainly increase my work’s efficiency. All the newbies out there will be also happy to find some CSS starter layouts – I wish they had those in 2008 when I first started to learn CSS….

One of the most important improvements is the BrowserLab, as it seems like we will be able to test our work easier and faster; I hope that this particular feature will reduce the time spent on testing.

To conclude, Dreamweaver CS5 has seen the future with its PHP improvements, wordpressy enhancements and debugger elements – it will please a lot of web developers!