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1st FaceBook Conference in Romania – Connect | FB

July 25, 2010 Leave a comment

1st FaceBook conference in Romania took place recently in Bucharest.

Romanian Online Market is growing fast for a few years now, doubling the income from online marketing activities from one year to another.

As a result, more & more events are taking place, especially in Bucharest, dedicated to the online techniques, gathering key people in the online environment.

So, the first online marketing conference dedicated to FaceBook took place just last week and gathered about 200 online people in Romania.

Connect | FB event had two sessions: “FaceBook, from a personal perspective” & “How to manage you brand on FaceBook”.

Among the speakers:

Cristina Bazavan – Chief Editor @Tabu magazine – she had the greatest presentation: “FaceBook, seen as a Love Ritual” – a parallel between the FaceBook user’s behavior and the user’s offline love ritual behavior.

Marco Kind – Chief Marketing Officer @Vodafone Romania – he had a very structured presentation of past & future Vodafone Brand’s social media activities.

The first session, dedicated to personal FaceBook experiences, debated various topics: from the best practices on how to grow your FB community and how to build a long-term relationship with your FaceBook Friends to how to sustain social causes like preventing cancer or helping people fulfill their dreams.

FaceBook Facts & Campaign Figures in Romania for certain brands along with some very interesting presentations about Social Media Brand Management captivated me across the second session of Connect FB Conference.

This event was amazing – it’s great to gather up the online community in Romania in the same conference hall – Manafu Cristian – Managing Partner @ Evensys – always organizes the best Online Events in Romania.

Just can’t wait for the next meeting in September!

Advertising Commercials – Automotive Lubricants

June 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday, someone found my blog through a very interesting long-tail keyword -[mobil 1 consumer advertising commercials] – today’s  post is based on this particular query.

I looked up some of the most popular automotive lubricants commercials on YouTube and I found some amazing commercials. If you’re passionate about the automotive industry, you have to see these videos:

Mobil 1 Commercial – Spain – Toro Campaign – “La Sangre de Porsche

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Social Media Impact on your Business | Find out your SMO Campaign’s ROI

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Every online business needs a strong  Social Media Strategy and a creative campaign – but how and when can we quantify the results?

This is today’s question for me because I think that Social Media Optimization is more than off – site SEO.  In my opinion, we can do more than just build a Social Media Strategy that is similar to our SEO strategy – targeted keywords, back linking and visual optimization – I think we can develop a Social Media Campaign that goes beyond a simple SEO Campaign placed on social networks.

The creative part in Social Media Campaigns is very important because it’s about getting to know everything about your customer, how to properly interact  with him and most important how to gain  his confidence, which may be more difficult than we imagine … but that’s another story.

My question: How can we find out our SMO Campaign’s ROI?

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Mobil1 vs. Elf | Automotive Lubricants: Advertising Battle| fresh on the Romanian Market

April 12, 2010 1 comment

Spring has arrived and our minds wonder off to summer holiday… it’s also Oil Change Time.

The automotive lubricants market has just awakened from the numbness of winter crisis… last fall, Bucharest looked like a waterfall of automotive lubricant’s outdoor panels, radio spots airing in every news section, flash banners shining on every corner of the automotive market web publications. The winter jammed everything and so all the lubricants on the market vanished from all media channels.

Last week I just saw the new shinny Mobil 1 outdoor banner across town, so close to the Renault Fluence’ outdoor advertising panel, that it seemed like they were merging into a single outdoor panel.
Renault and Elf (lubricant brand) are worldwide partners in F1 competition and passenger cars. So imagine my surprise when I saw Mobil 1’s outdoor panel…it’s competing directly with Elf.

On the Romanian market, if Mobil 1 is competing for Elf’s position in Renault’s heart, I really wonder about the outcome… Mobil 1 is a very strong competitor on the motor oil Romanian market while Elf is without a current local Brand Manager but has the advantage of a worldwide partnership?

The most probable outcome will be that Independent Garages as well as Renault Dealers in Romania, which used to buy Elf motor oil for Renault passenger cars will, most likely buy Mobil 1 this spring, as consumer’s mind is associating the new Renault Fluence with Mobil 1; most certainly, the after-market clients will express a special request on their lubricant oil change– based on the Mobil 1 commercials next to Renault’s.

Mobil 1 sets an example of marketing shrewdness…it’s a statement: this is how you gain market share and increase your brand’s value.

Maybe Renault Fluence owners won’t buy Mobil 1 because in the new car market, the warranty is kept only on Elf Oil Change, but it will strongly damage Elf brand’s image in the mind of Renault after-market consumer.

I approached this case study because it’s always interesting to watch the brands go to war for that one special place in the consumer’s mind and Mobil 1 is an example of aggressive advertising.