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iPhone vector graphics app – Beautiful Drawings – only with miniDraw

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

These beautiful drawings were made using miniDraw, iPhone Graphics Application. You can find the new version on AppStore.

ninja drawing by Criistii using miniDrawThe Ninja Warrior by Criistii

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Social Media Impact on your Business | Find out your SMO Campaign’s ROI

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Every online business needs a strong  Social Media Strategy and a creative campaign – but how and when can we quantify the results?

This is today’s question for me because I think that Social Media Optimization is more than off – site SEO.  In my opinion, we can do more than just build a Social Media Strategy that is similar to our SEO strategy – targeted keywords, back linking and visual optimization – I think we can develop a Social Media Campaign that goes beyond a simple SEO Campaign placed on social networks.

The creative part in Social Media Campaigns is very important because it’s about getting to know everything about your customer, how to properly interact  with him and most important how to gain  his confidence, which may be more difficult than we imagine … but that’s another story.

My question: How can we find out our SMO Campaign’s ROI?

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SMO | Social Media Group Update Tools / sm streaming & duplicate content

April 23, 2010 1 comment

The boost in social media made some sharp programmers to adjust to this new, high-speed market;  so more and more social media streaming tools have been developed recently… Aol LifeStream is still in Beta but there are others, less competitive like Ping and NetVibes – more like social media dashboards which allow anyone  to place all of your updates on different media channels within the borders of the same dashboard.

Discover  Google Trends Results for Social Media and Social Media Optimization >>

So, now we can update our profiles just by adding the login & passwords for all these social media networks. It’s really helpful if you are an individual… but what about your company’s SMO?

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Blog Optimization Chart | SEO your Blog

April 20, 2010 1 comment

After a little case study I have done recently,  I came upon few ideas on blog optimizing. I haven’t tried all of these blog seo tips but I am in the process of applying some of these tips to my own blogs.

I hope you’ll find it useful!


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Google launched

April 19, 2010 1 comment

Friday was a big day for Romania – Google launched

This Google service just made my day; it’s really nice to have this service personalized for Romania because is stores one of the best optimization methods. The downside to this service is that almost anyone can modify your content, even if you have an account.

There are few security tips but they are rather difficult to implement for a certain type of client – let’s say a Real-Estate agency, due to the volume of submissions needed for a fully integrated Geo-localization campaign.

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miniDraw -iPhone Graphics Application: new tools & features

April 16, 2010 Leave a comment

The iPhone & iPod users will be very happy with the new version of miniDraw 1.2.0, especially the ones passionate about art & design, graphics, sketching and web design.

The new version, miniDraw 1.2.0, will be available on App Store next week.

miniDraw’s new vector graphics features incorporate scale tool & remove point option, which will come in handy when sketching your graphic concepts.

Layers’ options are also enhanced by the scale move and clone new features.

miniDraw is without any doubt the perfect tool for mobile vector graphics.

This app will give you the chance to sketch all your graphics concepts on the go and will offer the possibility to export by SVG into your usual desktop graphics software: Corel, AI, Inkscape.

Find out more about miniDraw iPhone app on

If you want to see some reviews & opinions about miniDraw or you have some questions about this little mobile app, check the discussion forum and the safari app center.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

April 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday, I got a Buzz on Webmonkey’s article: Dreamweaver CS5 First Look: More WordPressy, More Firebuggy

I can’t wait to test the new promised enhancements; I think Dreamweaver CS5 will be very helpful as I am a newbie in PHP and I had some “painful” experiences with Dreamweaver CS4.

Working with CS4 was difficult because I couldn’t debug or test the PHP code- it’s difficult to learn without having a good debugger! Although I was advised to cross sides and use a more advanced PHP IDE, like Aptana, I stayed with Dreamweaver and now it looks like it’s going to pay off, thanks to the new “Firebuggy” features.

I am also thankful for the “WordPressy” web tools in Dreamweaver CS5. The new IDE will make my life a lot easier and will most certainly increase my work’s efficiency. All the newbies out there will be also happy to find some CSS starter layouts – I wish they had those in 2008 when I first started to learn CSS….

One of the most important improvements is the BrowserLab, as it seems like we will be able to test our work easier and faster; I hope that this particular feature will reduce the time spent on testing.

To conclude, Dreamweaver CS5 has seen the future with its PHP improvements, wordpressy enhancements and debugger elements – it will please a lot of web developers!