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Social Media Impact on your Business | Find out your SMO Campaign’s ROI

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Every online business needs a strong  Social Media Strategy and a creative campaign – but how and when can we quantify the results?

This is today’s question for me because I think that Social Media Optimization is more than off – site SEO.  In my opinion, we can do more than just build a Social Media Strategy that is similar to our SEO strategy – targeted keywords, back linking and visual optimization – I think we can develop a Social Media Campaign that goes beyond a simple SEO Campaign placed on social networks.

The creative part in Social Media Campaigns is very important because it’s about getting to know everything about your customer, how to properly interact  with him and most important how to gain  his confidence, which may be more difficult than we imagine … but that’s another story.

My question: How can we find out our SMO Campaign’s ROI?

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Blog Optimization Chart | SEO your Blog

April 20, 2010 1 comment

After a little case study I have done recently,  I came upon few ideas on blog optimizing. I haven’t tried all of these blog seo tips but I am in the process of applying some of these tips to my own blogs.

I hope you’ll find it useful!


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Google launched

April 19, 2010 1 comment

Friday was a big day for Romania – Google launched

This Google service just made my day; it’s really nice to have this service personalized for Romania because is stores one of the best optimization methods. The downside to this service is that almost anyone can modify your content, even if you have an account.

There are few security tips but they are rather difficult to implement for a certain type of client – let’s say a Real-Estate agency, due to the volume of submissions needed for a fully integrated Geo-localization campaign.

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Hub pages or the fine line between off-site SEO and SMO

April 8, 2010 1 comment

I did a little research on Hub pages a while back and I just couldn’t decide the right category to place this post: SEO or SMO

… while I do my off-site SEO recommendations I refer to Hubs as one of the best place to SEO because you can create optimized hub pages on different topics approached by your site and just press submit.

Hubs are a very fruitful place to SEO – here are some relevant arguments:

  • You can implement the back linking strategy and optimized content for your site
  • It allows you to increase the number of your product or service off–site views through hub pages
  • It gives you the opportunity to “Harvest” relevant users for your product or service – the targeted users are found in the very heart of the hub concept .On hubs, people choose from a list of topics they would like to receive info on, so it becomes easier to promote your product or service to them because they are already opened to your particular business. For instance, you want to promote your new product: “mobile graphics application” and you submit your hub page containing product’s features (optimized, of course) to the Hub; the users who are interested in graphics will receive your hub page once they have particularly expressed their preferences to “graphics” topic.
  • Hub Pages are  important Inbound Marketing Tools because you don’t have to search for your visitors or consumers; they will come to you by their own choice.

On SMO’s side, Hubs are also recommended, but from the network point of view…people who visit Hubs will most certainly share with other targeted users the info you deliver to them, because they have their own “social network” – colleagues, classmates, friends who share the same interests.

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