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SMO – Steps in building a viable Social Media Strategy

May 4, 2010 2 comments

Needs Assessment

Set  Goals for your SMO Campaign: traffic, partnerships, conversions

Establish the most suitable social media networks for your particular needs – Find your Target Audience

Build your SMO Action Plan

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SMO Tips & Tricks | Best places for your social media optimization campaign

April 8, 2010 Leave a comment

While I was doing a SMO proposal for one of my SEM agency’s biggest clients, I cam upon a question that has been bugging me for a while now: what are the best places to go for social media optimization?

Of course, I had to skip the routine: Face Book and Twitter because there are already overwhelmed by competitors… everybody has heard of these two SMO titans and everyone has tried it more or less…

I searched the web for ideas but no luck there – too little info on SMO to make up my mind about the right approach.

The starting point for my strategy was the simplest method I could think of but hopefully it will be the most rewarding: ALEXA ranking for the client’s designated country. There, I discovered some interesting new sites, where you can “SMO freely”, away from the prying eyes of your competition.

But nothing is that easy when it comes to SMO… you have to see and think outside the “social network box”, read a lot of articles on the subject and gain some working experience, in order to build a good SMO strategy.

So, I am not going to share “the secrets” behind my SMO work, but I will offer some good sites to SMO:

  • For graphics & pictures – go to Deviant Art – the community there is very welcoming and opened to beautiful things, so make sure you use a great designer to “face-lift” your pics and administrate your account. Then, go back to your site and place some links to your Deviant Art account.
  • For new and interesting subjects, Technology related, I would go to Wikipedia because “dear little Wiki” ranks above every site on every subject and its back links are pretty useful. Keep in mind that Wikipedia articles have to be clear, concise and helpful – NO marketing for your products or services!!! The downside here is that your article can be changed at all times but you can give it a try.
  • For all videos, go to You Tube and submit your videos; build your own Channel /Chamber – this tip is useful only if you have more than 3 videos on your site. Then, go back to your web site and do some SEO – build a Video Sitemap – I have tried this and it ranks really well – 1st SERP in, on a relevant keyword search. Submit your Video Sitemap to Google and build some optimized Title and Description.
  • For everything else, use SumbleUpon – it’s really helpful!

Have fun!